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Tesco Supermarkets P.L.C. had over 3,400 UK stores in 2020.

Customer experience[]

Very good due to the nice store layout, fawning staff, sycophanting customer care culture and reliable home delivery service.

Staff experience[]

Stressful, especially fawning to abusive, bullying, smelly, sexist, fat, racist and\or over demanding customers. A 7 hour shift on trollies and a 10 hour shift on tills is hell! Many staff members are nice and friendly, but stressed out by work.


Until recently cost was driven down, but this has changed.

Land bank[]

Tesco was found in 2014 to be hoarding land that could build 15,000 homes in order to stop rivals from using it.

Bulk buying[]

Buying manufactured stock on mass in large amounts and in contracts.

Unfair practices to rivals[]

Office of Fair Trading said that the 4 leading brands were not quashing cooperation or each other unfairly during 2007 in the then £125bn grocery market sector.


It was £6.57 in 2007 and £8.42 2018, and thus was one of the lowest in the trade during the late 2010s, until the 2019 pay rise took it to the average of £9.30.


Generally they are rather steep and get worse with time. A 35 hour week is normal, but it could go up to 55.

Holladay leave[]

Expect it to be canceled with no reason at short notice.

Promotion options[]

They are about average.


Not the most rewarding of cards until recently.


The latest one is a cheep and has unisex top. The tops have 8 standard sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL.

In 2015 There were all the sizes from 8 to 36, going up every 2 clothing sizes after 2015.

A long while back it was, for women: Pixie, Dainty, Petite, Smallest, Smaller, Small, Demure, Modest, Regular, Medium, Large, Larger, Larger+, Largest, Big, Huge, Bold, Massive, Enormous and Grand.

Women's 'named' sizes were about these sizes:

  1. Pixie (3-4)
  2. Dainty (4-5)
  3. Petite (5-6)
  4. Smallest\XXS (6-8)
  5. Smaller (8-10)
  6. Small\XS (10-12)
  7. Demure (11-13)
  8. Modest (12-14)
  9. S (14-16)
  10. Regular (16-18)
  11. Medium\M (18-20)
  12. Large\L (20-22)
  13. Larger\XL (22-24)
  14. Larger+\XXL (24-26)
  15. Largest/XXXL (26-28)
  16. Big (27-29)
  17. Huge (28-30)
  18. Bold (30-32)
  19. Massive (31-33)
  20. Enormous (32-34)
  21. Grand (36-38)

The largest size, Enormous, and the third smallest, Petite, were later available on request in some stores, but they are were discontinued long ago.

Due to there being a lot of fat old staff or skinny young staff, the middling 4 sizes are hard to find, the 14-16 and 16-18 being the rarest to find.

Hair dye[]

Lurid pink, vomit green, canary yellow, fire engine red and electric blue are banned in most stores.

Staff levels[]

They were too low in the 1990s and 2000s.


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