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name: hudson bay company

Capital: godthab

Other Cities: churchhill, moosonee

Note that the hbc only controls greenland, churchhill, mooseonee and the otl Canadian Islands officially but the whole hudson bay area is economicly controlled by the hbc.

Religion: Islam, Christianity, and others

Etnicity: dutch, french, Portuguese,ninvukian, and english

Langagues: same as above

Government: ruthlessly profit based, like the dutch east india company otl.

Economy: se government

Military: 4. Strictly for defensive purposes on mercantile ships.


The british, french, Portuguese, and dutch sailors all created colonies in the hudson bay area. However, the dutch colonies were the most successful. A merchant who lived there decided to set up a shop, and it grew. It economicly dominated the area in trade.

next, a privateer sent by the Portuguese sunk the grand trade ship which held over 11,000,000 us dollars worth of tea, cotton, and spices. This caused the hudson bay company to recruit its own army consising of mercenaries. This caused the local governments (city states) to launch an assault on hbc warehouses. Initially, the hudson bay company was eradicated from most cities, but then the mercs came from otl baffin island and seized the land all together and captured the land.

The hudson bay company was very prosperous and had much wealth stored in the principal warehouse at Churchill. But then a Kingdom known as the native Federation of canada pushed to the border, and tensions rose. The grand army of the nfoc conquered the land because of there citizen army. The nfoc then attempted to invade the island territories of hbc, but the superior ships of hbc destroyed the fleet of the Federation.

An agreement known as the pact of churchill let hbc keep their islands, but reconise canadas claim to yhe hudson bay but let the company keep there wwarehouses. Another term was that the hudson bay company pay a 10% tax to canada, bringing new wealth to them.

battle of churchill[]