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How to Say F*ck Off Properly! www.KIDCHAN

How to Say F*ck Off Properly! filmed kimberleycun saying F*ck Off after inhaling some helium at the TOGETHER GATHER PARTY 9th MARCH 2007. This is seriously funny. for more info please log on to

5 Awesome Magic Tricks-0

5 Awesome Magic Tricks-0

5 Awesome Magic Tricks. Google+

  1. A post 1955 historical humor page
  2. Atomic nuts
  3. C2C Tyne- A parody of 1970s slice of life style books.
  4. China editar sección
  5. Humor
  6. International treaties (World political shenanigans time line)
  7. Mobile, Alabama; Biloxi, Mississippi and nearby places (Atomic nuts)
  8. PBS Kids: Neo-Cyberchase Galactica USA!
  9. Race bays, with lady like peguins! (map game)
  10. Red Humour
  11. Some common defects on another more 'serious' game site. ;-)
  12. The failed Nazi moonshot of 1944.
  13. Baton Rouge?
  14. Harambe Lives (TL)
  15. Donald J. Trump's victory
  16. Assassination of Donald J. Trump
  17. This guy is not funny, just suicidaly stupid and slanderous
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