1945-1991: Cold War world Wiki
im scared and alone

it will find me and i dont know what to do if it does

do u see only few can

i cant

where will i go,what can i do

my mom was killed infront of me

it is all my fault

i read the book,what book was it,where is the book

where am i...

little poor girl found a book.once read now hooked.cant stop reading loud.now shes trampled in a croud

everyones screaming out not safe and sound,now with scary dark clouds

little poor girl needs help

can you hurry and find her

shes all alone scared and cold wanting someone to hold her

someone should have told her

the book was evil and cursed her

broken bonen and all alone

screaming so loud she lost her voice

she really dont care about her toys

where is her family,where have they gone

shes so weak and she cant hold on

blood and tears fall to her hands

do you under stand?

little poor girl read a book which was cursed now they think shes evil and everyone left because of her shes all alone no one wants her but she keeps reading.she got the book from an old man he should have warned her.now they scream so loud glass shatters cutting her palms and tears burning her eyes.

little poor girl blind now and everything suddenly quiet now

they all died shes alone now

she calls saying please hurry and help me

in a world where no one knows they sing a song about a girl

the louder they sing the more she screams

ripping her soul of but she cant see

a book

a girl

evil occured