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Independent Republic of Western Thrace
Time line: Those alternate Balkan states
OTL location: the former Republic of Western Thrace.
120px 80px
Flag. CoA.
Capital Gümülcine, .
Largest City Gümülcine, .
Other major settlements .
Languages Greek, Pomak dialect Bulgaria, Turkish, Standardised Bulgarian and Romani.
President .
Vice President .
Head of parliament .
Type of regime  Democratic cantonal confederation.
Name of national legislature Steering Committee.
Area .
Population 757,000
Number of international airports 3
Number of major ports 2
State de facto formed 1913
De facto Independence date 1913/1920/1944
Independence de jure reconised on 1944
Currency 40 Paras = 1 Piaster (WTP). 
Religions Greek Orthodox and Sunni Islam, plus a few Jews.
Motto .
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym .
Anthem  .
Ethnic groups Greeks, Pomaks, Turkish, Bulgarians, Jews, Armenians and Romani.
Internet TLD: .
Calling code: .
Number of military personnel: .
% Literacy: .
Drives on the: .
National sport: Soccer.

Those alternate Balkan states TL locator map.


The Republic of  


Founded by the 1913, Aug 31/Sep 1 Rebellion and formation of the Provisional Government of Western Thrace. 1913, Oct 25 saw Bulgarian forces assumed control of Western Thrace. 

World War 1[]

It supported the Bulgarians and Ottomans in WW1, but was annexed. It finally ended up as a French protectorate between 1919 and 1920. Greece tried to annex it, but backed off after  making several major initial gains when they were scaired off by the French diplomatic claims that they would launch a counter attack if Greece persisted to invade Western Thrace. France actually did not plan to carry this out and was only bluffing, but Greece chose not to test the French resolve.

World War 2[]

Bulgaria annexed it between

Cold War[]

1992-1995 civil war[]

Present date[]


29,475, largely light infantry and armored cavalry. There are 254 special forces and 455 gendarmes. The navy, coastguard and air-force are of minimal status, with a total of 757 members between them.

Government and politics[]



A newspaper and radio station named Müstakil ("Independent"). Neighboring nation's TV, radio and newspapers are also available.


Health care[]




The arts[]

The Death Penalty[]

It was rarely used and scrapped in 1952.