Flag of India

The Indian flag. Author- User:SKopp.

Ensign of the Indian Air Force

The flag of the Indian Air Force.

Astravahini Class torpedo recovery vessel (A73)

An Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel (A73) of the Indian Navy, 5 January 2014, 03:25:40. Attribution: Indian Navy.

Vijayanta - Main Battle Tank 4150184

Vijayanta on static display in Port Blair. Author: Biswarup Ganguly.

Hindustan HJT-16 Kiran II Krivchikov 2007

Three HAL Kiran Mk II of the Surya Kiran in 2007.

  1. HAL Kiran
  2. HAL Ajeet
  3. Aryabhata
  4. Congo Crisis
  5. Vijayanta Mark I
  6. Farkhor Air Base
  7. HAL HF-24 Marut
  8. Operation Polo
  9. Operation Vijay
  10. Integration of Goa
  11. Operation Tomahawk
  12. INS Khukri (F149)
  13. Siachen conflict
  14. Operation Cactus
  15. INS Kursura (S20)
  16. 1984 Bhopal disaster
  17. Sri Lankan Civil War
  18. Integration of Junagadh
  19. Sino-Indian War of 1962
  20. Sino-Indian War of 1967
  21. Portuguese Colonial War
  22. Integration of Puducherry
  23. Bangladesh Liberation War
  24. Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
  25. Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
  26. Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
  27. Naxalite-Maoist insurgency
  28. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  29. Insurgency in Northeast India
  30. Operation Flowers are Blooming
  31. IA Pathankot Air Force Station
  32. Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir
  33. Integration of Bantva Manavadar
  34. British Indian historical map links
  35. British Indian historical map links
  36. Integration of the Kingdom of Cochin
  37. Integration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  38. Colonization of India conspiracy theory
  39. Integration of the Kingdom of Travancore
  40. Astravahini-class torpedo recovery vessel
  41. Tripura Assembly Election Results in 1988
  42. UK and Commonwealth OTL troop numbers in WW2
  43. United Nations Security Council Resolution 210
  44. United Nations Security Council Resolution 232
  45. United Nations Security Council Resolution 209
  46. Integration of the Mahar Rajadom of Kashmir and Jammur
  47. Insurgency in Punjab (incl. Operation Blue Star)
  48. 1948 Conference for Indian and Pakistani Independence (World political shenanigans)
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