Package sample for single in-line (SIL) devices. The big flange is a 'heat sink' that dissipates excessive heat that would destroy the IC if it was not vented off. Attribution: I, NobbiP.


A Soviet MSI nMOS chip made in 1977, part of a four-chip calculator set designed in 1970. Early USSR made integrated circuit. The tiny block of semiconducting material (the "die"), is enclosed inside the round, metallic case (the "package").


Small-outline integrated circuit. This package has 14 "gull wing" leads protruding from the two long sides and a lead spacing of 0.050 inches.


A mounted KM1801VM2.

DIP package sideview

Cross section of a Dual in-line package package. This type of package houses a small semiconducting die, with nanowires attaching the die to the lead frames, allowing for electrical connections to be made to a Printed circuit board.

Integrated circuitsEdit

  1. SSI small-scale integration and MSI medium-scale integration integrated circuits (1964-71)
  2. A Soviet MSI nMOS chip
  3. Plessey SL201 integrated circuit
  4. Philips TAA320 integrated circuit
  5. 555 timer IC
  6. Soviet integrated circuit designation
  7. Zilog Z80 CPU
  8. Soviet K1801VM1 microprocessor
  9. Soviet KM1801BM2 microprocessor
  10. ZN414 integrated circuit
  11. MOS Technology 6502
  12. MOS Technology 6532
  13. Texas Instruments SN76489

Transistor and IC packingEdit

A historic linear voltage regulatorEdit

  1. LM317 adjustable linear voltage regulator

A historic op-amp amplifiers regulatorEdit

  1. JRC4558D op-amp

Early business and home computersEdit

Other early devicesEdit



Fairchild Briefing on Integrated Circuits-0

Fairchild Briefing on Integrated Circuits-0

[Recorded: October, 1967] This half hour color promotional/educational film on the integrated circuit was produced and sponsored by Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation and first shown on television on October 11, 1967. In the film, Dr. Harry Sello and Dr. Jim Angell describe the integrated circuit (IC), discuss its design and development process, and offer examples of late 1960s uses of IC technology. It was one of the early forerunners of what would become a worldwide high-tech industry, as evidenced in this short promotional film. Catalog Number: 102651800 Lot Number: X3929.2007

Project Tinkertoy (IC Precursor) 1953 US Navy; Automated Manufacturing of Modular Electronics

Project Tinkertoy (IC Precursor) 1953 US Navy; Automated Manufacturing of Modular Electronics

Electronics playlist: more at: Project Tinkertoy was an effort begun in 1950 by the US National Bureau of Standards to devise a system for automated manufacturing of electronic devices built up from modular subsystem components. The resulting products were not smaller or lighter than hand-assembled electronics of the time, but were thought to be more reliable and required less skilled labor. A fourth notch placed between two of the riser wire notches on one edge is provided for use in indexing the wafers to the correct orientation during the assembling processes...

Transistor Full Documentary

Transistor Full Documentary

Transistored. John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain at Bell Labs.

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