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Ivalo Airfield.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Finland.
Opened in. Early Cold War?.
Closed in. No, it became a civil airport some time near the end of the Cold War.
Operated by. Finnish Air force and then Finavia.
Owned by. Finnish MoD then Finnish transport ministry.
Outside link. http://www.eda.europa.eu/info-hub/press-centre/latest-news/2016/03/22/cold-blade-2016-helicopter-exercise-successfully-completed, http://www.travelmath.com/driving-time/from/IVL/to/EG2, http://digitaledition.rotorandwing.com/december-2016-january-2017/blade-serving-european-security/, http://www.finavia.fi/airport_ivalo, https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/html/efiv.htm, http://www.kondruss.biz/mad/finland/air-bases.html, https://www.yelp.com/biz/ivalon-lentoasema-inari and http://www.kondruss.biz/mad/finland/air-bases.html.


Ivalo Airport terminal. Author: J-P Kärnä.

It is located 11 kilometres (7 mi) southwest from the re mot town and regional administrative center of Ivalo, Inari, and 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of the equally remote town of Saariselkä.

The Soviet's Operation Northern Norway would have take over Ivalo Airfield and other parts of northern Finland for strategic purposes.

Military helicopters can use it on an add-hock basis. The EU's Exercise Cold Blade 2016 was hosted their on March 16th 2016 by the Chief of Finnish Army Aviation, LtCol Jaro Kesänen.

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