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Koksan Airport/Airfield.
Category. Statistic.
Location. N. Korea.
Opened in. Some time shortly after the Korean War.
Closed in. Open.
Operated by. It is home to a fighter regiment of 24 jets of the Korean People's Air Force. There are a few civil flights by Air Koryo.
Owned by. Korean People's Air Force.
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Koksan South Highway Strip 1 & 2 are 2 modified stretch of motorway near to Koksan Airport/Airfield.

It is virtually unknown, as are all N. Korean (DPRK) airbases. The airfield has a single concrete runway 07/25 measuring 8190 x 141 feet (2496 x 43 m). It has a full length parallel taxiway with two aprons at the ends, as well as a taxiway leading southwest to dispersed aircraft stands. It is in close proximity to several other airfields including Koksan South Highway Strip 1 & 2, Pyonsul Li, and Wongyo Ri.

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