Kymi Airfield.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Finland.
Opened in. 1942 (unofficially) and, 1943 (officially).
Closed in. Still open.
Operated by. Finnish Air Force.
Owned by. Finnish MoD.
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K8B at Kymi Airfield

K8B at Kymi Airfield

Sir Richard & K8B (OH-348) at Kymi Airfield 13th September 2015.

Polikarpov I-153 (SA-kuva 78745)

VH-tyyppinen hävittäjä nousee ilmaan Kotkan kentältä. (Kone Polikarpov I-153), 26th March 1942. Author: Luutnantti Jari Ilanko.

Kymi Airfield is a front-line airfield in Kotka, Finland. It has a few military and civil light aircraft and helicopters on it at times. The Karhulan ilmailukerho Aviation Museum is located at the airfield.

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