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  1. `Spin map games off to the Mapgame
  2. Shut the chat device down. It is getting rather trollish at times.
  3. A less intimidating atmosphere for new comers.
  4. All bans must be explained on the victim's talk page and not just sapped down randomly from on high by mods.
  5. Remove 'fluff' like government-sims to the Mapgame
  6. Ensure the TSPTF do fight trolls not each other's over-inflated egos.
  7. Cherish the idea of both a a 2-monthly Turtledove awards as well as a yearly Sterling Prize.
  8. Support NuclearVacuum in his battle with trolls.
  9. If map games stay, move the powers of the MGOC to the TSPTF.
  10.  A poll to reaffirm LG's leadership role, which I am sure he will win (good).
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