The Lordganon Dollar or LGD is a form of currency pegged to the edit count of Lordganon. Lordganon dollars are actually fiat currency and have no real world value, unlike GunsKarma, but nevertheless serves as a useful form of measurement on the Alternate History Wiki.


Like gold, Lordganon's edit count periodically increases, in a process known as inflation. As of 2 November 2014, one Lordganon dollar was pegged at 81,741 edits. Using this calculation we can determine several important benchmarks.

  • Pointing out to a big shot user that their 1,000 edits is only worth 0.01 dollars of my time.
  • Tracking the loss of value your own work accumulates.

The Lordganon dollar is most commonly used to measure spam work. For example, let's assume a user can add categories to twenty images per minutes. They would be hired at one and a half Lordganon cents per hour to work in a category sweatshop.

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