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DSRMG Members

The The Democratic State of Ratc and Map Games (د موږکان او نقشه لوبو د ډیموکراتیک د بهرنیو چارو), is a freedom fighter group operational within the Alternate History Wiki and an unrecognized state.

DSRMG advocates for the removal of the dud parts of the TSPTF, freedom for the user Ratc, remove 'fluff' and other radical beliefs.

Ratc 333 was a Peuto Recan. OK, he made his mistake and 6 accounts, but if he's repented, then I don't see why Althistory Wiki should still ban him re-joining any more.

The group has been operational since early 2014, and has since carried out a number of past 'terrorist' attacks against the Alternate History Wiki.

Democratic new protests may go on in the forums and blogs.

!Hola proesta!

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