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The 'London station group' is a ring of 18 National Rail railway stations served by the National Rail network in central London. Most are terminal stations like Euston, although a few are through-stations like Old Street (that includes those with a combination of terminal and through platforms). The station group is rendered on tickets as "London Terminals" or "London Termini".

It had other earlier incarnations since the railways were nationalised in 1947.

The list[]


  1. Broad Street railway station (London)
  2. Bricklayers' Passenger Station


  1. Blackfriars station
  2. Cannon Street station
  3. Charing Cross railway station
  4. City Thameslink railway station
  5. London Euston Railway Station
  6. Fenchurch Street railway station
  7. London King's Cross Railway Station
  8. Liverpool Street station
  9. London Bridge station
  10. Marylebone station
  11. Moorgate station
  12. Old Street station
  13. London Paddington station
  14. St Pancras railway station
  15. Vauxhall station
  16. London Victoria station
  17. London Waterloo East railway station
  18. Waterloo station

Proposed briefly in the early 1980s[]

  1. Richmond (London) station
  2. Kew Gardens station (London)
  3. Turkey Street railway station
  4. Twickenham railway station
  5. Barking station
  6. Hendon railway station
  7. Watford Junction railway station
  8. Clapham Junction railway station
  9. Bushey railway station
  10. Harrow-on-the-Hill station
  11. Vauxhall station
  12. West Croydon station
  13. Blackfriars station
  14. Ealing Broadway station

Recently re-proposed stations[]

  1. Richmond (London) station
  2. Barking station
  3. Harrow-on-the-Hill station
  4. Clapham Junction railway station

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