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It would seem Make Love, not War is becoming a popular Jihadi strategy. Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is an activity under which young Muslim boys and men seduce young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for the purpose of conversion to Islam through feigning love.[1]


A poem Chand Musalmanon ki Harkaten written in 1928 and later banned, stated[2]:

Tadad badhane ke liye chal chalai,

Muslim banane ke liye scheme banayi....
Ek-kon ko gali gaon mein lekar ghumate hain,

parde ko dal Muslim aurat bethate hain

(Muslims are making new schemes to in-crease their population and to make people Muslims. They roam with carts in cities and villages and take away women, who are put under the veil and made Muslim)

Situation today[]

It seems the current situation in India is the same as in 1928.

Recently, there have been multiple reports of Love Jihad in north India. National Rifle sportswoman, Tara Sahdev from Ranchi accused her husband of torturing her to become Muslim[3][4]

Another example is the Meerut Gang rape case in Uttar Pradesh.[5]

Also, Muzaffarnagar Riots were sparked by the tension of Love Jihad