Luna 1.
Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. Rocket Luna 8K72.
Launch date. January 2,1959 16:41:21 UTC.
Launch site.  Baikonur 1/5.
Ceased operations. 4 January 1959.
Owner(s). The Soviet government.
Major contractor(s). OKB-1.
Is it still in orbit. Yes. It missed the moon by 5,995 kilometres (3,725 mi). It is stuck in a 5,995 kilometres heliocentric orbit of the Moon and should have irrevocably broken-down long ago, but has not.
Launch mass. 361 kilograms (796 lb).
Nationality(s). Soviet.
Satellite type. Lunar impactor.
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RIAN archive 510848 Interplanetary station Luna 1 - blacked

A replica of “Interplanetary station Luna 1”.

Luna 1, also known as Mechta (Russian: Мечта, literally: Dream), E-1 No.4 and First Cosmic Ship, was both the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Earth's Moon and the first spacecraft to be placed in heliocentric orbit.

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