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MU90 Impact torpedo.
Category. Data.
Type. Conventional Cold War torpedo.
Nationality. French\Italian.
Made in. 1993.
Retired. No, it's still in use.
Designer. EuroTorp.
Manufacturer. EuroTorp.
Variants. 1, the MU90 Hard Kill.
Diameter. 323.7 mm (12.74 in).
Speed. 29 kn (54 km/h) to well over 50 kn (93 km/h)
Warhead. 23.7kg of PBX.
Operational range.

>10 km (5.4 nmi) (max speed) and 23 km (12 nmi) (min speed).

Guidance system. Active or passive acoustic homing.
Launch platform. Maritime patrol aircraft and warships.
Weight. 304 kg (670 lb).
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Frontal view of an MU90. Attribution: Causa83 at Italian Wikipedia.