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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.
Category. Statistic.
First flight on. 1972.
Retired on. No, still in use.
Major contractor(s). McDonnell Douglas Boeing Defense, Space & Security.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Fight ceiling. 65,000 ft (20,000 m).
Top speed. Low altitude: Mach 1.2 (900 mph, 1,450 km/h).
Range. Ferry range: 3,450 mi (3,000 nmi, 5,550 km) with conformal fuel tanks and three external fuel tanks.
Crew. 1.
Nationality(s). USA.
Class. Air superiority fighter.
Rate of climb. >50,000 ft/min (254 m/s).
Links. http://www.wikiwand.com/en/McDonnell_Douglas_F-15_Eagle, http://www.wikiwand.com/en/McDonnell_Douglas_F-15E_Strike_Eagle and http://www.boeing.com/history/products/f-15-eagle.page.

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.

USAF F-15C fires an AIM-7 Sparrow in 2005 over the Gulf of Mexico.


McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle-0

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.