Mines and oil wellsEdit

Congo (Brazzaville)Edit

  • The Congo (Brazzaville) has some oil reserves [[1]]


  • Gabon has a moderate manganese and iron reserve and a few manganese mines [[2]].

The CAREdit

  • The Central African Republic's mineral resource endowment includes copper, diamond, gold, graphite, ilmenite, iron ore, kaolin, kyanite, lignite, limestone, manganese, monazite, quartz, rutile, salt, tin, and uranium. The C.A.R. is a leading exporter of gold and diamonds [[3]].


  • The Kanyika mine niobium mine located in the Northern Region of Malawi and is one of the largest niobium reserves in the country with estimated reserves of 60 million tonnes of ore grading 0.29% niobium metal.[[4]][[5]]


  • The Zambian centres of copper mining operations include major mines ate Konkola and Kitwe.[[6]]
  • The Kayelekera Uranium Deposit in Northern Malawi is 8km south of the road connecting the townships of Chitipa and Karonga and is accessible from Karonga. The "Malawi project" has proven reserves of 2.8Mt of contained uranium oxide. The Malawi registered company, Paladin Africa Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paladin Energy Ltd.and is listed on both the Australian and Toronto stock exchanges. It would be both Paladin's second-largest uranium mine and its second largest mine in the African continent.[[7]]
  • Intra Energy Corporation, an Australian-based mining and energy company with major thermal coal assets in Tanzania, has acquired coal licences for an operational mine in Malawi as well as other exploration licences for further sites.[[8]]


  • Kenya mines titanium ore in it's Kwale District [[9]]. Soda ash is taken from Lake Magadi [[10]]. Apart from soda ash, the chief minerals produced are limestone, gold, salt, large quantities of niobium, fluorspar, and fossil fuels. [[11]]. limestone, soda ash, salt, gemstones, fluorspar, zinc, diatomite and gypsum are largely untapped [[12]] Since 2000, the Kenyan Ministry of Energy has been exploring for coal in the Mui basin of Kitui and Mwingi districts. 27 out of 40 test sites have proven worth future mining. At least 16 international coal mining companies had expressed interest in extracting coal in the Mui Basin, Kitui county in Kenya, as of November 2010. The Chinese company, Fenxi Mining, announced that it plans to open up mining acititys in Mwingi. The large coal deposits are in a a northern extension of the exstesive African Karoo Formation, which runs from South Africa to Somalia through Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya. [[13]], [[14]], [[15]], [[16]], [[17]].

The DRCEdit

  • The DRC has several coltan mines and some major untapped reserves.[[18]] Copper, stone and gems are also resent in some places, especially in the south east.[[19]]

Mineral production mapsEdit


Tungsten mined in 2013

Worldwide amounts of Tungsten produced by country in 2012.


Worldwide amounts of Tungsten produced by country in 2012.


World Zinc Production 2006

World Zinc production in 2006.


World Zinc production in 2006.


World Manganese Production 2006


World Manganese production, 2006.



World iron ore production, 2014.

World iron ore production, 2014.


Map of gold production

Map of gold production, 2012.

Map of gold production, 2012.

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