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Great Mongol Horde[]

  • Civilization name: Great Mongol Horde
  • Civilization adjective: Mongols
  • Government: Tribal government, dominated by a warrior Khan.
  • Ruler title:Khan
  • Ethnicitys: Mongols, Tungusic and Turkics.
  • Language(s): Khalkha and Buryat Mongol dialects, with a minority of Ewenkis, Evenks, Xiongnu, Merkit, Jalayir, Tayichiud, Darligin, Khamag, Xianbei, Naimans, Güchügüd, Khamag, Chakhar, Ordos, Kharchin, Khori-Tümed, Khorchin, Kalmyk and Oriot dialect Mongol speakers.
  • Official Religion: Tengray worship
  • Dominant Practiced Religion: Tengray worship, animist and shamanism
  • Culture: The civilization that lead to Ghengiz Kahn's Mongol Empire.
  • Civilization description: Physical they look like modern Mongolians and Buryat. They dislike non-Orientals in general. Traditional Mongol folktales and beliefs are used. Thier behavior is that of a brave and noble warrior race. They live the life style of semi-nomadic horse nomads.
  • Common mythic ancestor: Bog Khan (Mythical hero\demi-god)
  • Historical Friends/Rivals/Enemies: Things are largely OK with neighboring Tungusic tribes (Negidals, Ewenkis, Evenks, Solons, Oroch and Udege), Soyot, Tofa and the Daur people.
Relations are crappy with the rival western Oriot Tribal Alliance, the north western Shakah Mongols, the central Siberian Chulyms and Siber tribes, the Uyghur tribes to the south west and the north western Khakass tribes (Sagay, Kacha, Koybal, Beltir and Kyzyl) of the Kacha River and the Yenisei Valley region of Siberia.