Morón Air Base.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Spain.
Opened in. 1953.
Closed in. Open.
Operated by. Spanish Air Force.
Owned by. Spanish Air Force.
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Base Aérea de Morón (OZP, LEMO) 20090216 1341 (2) Morón

Morón Air Base, sited in Morón de la Frontera, Seville. Author: Gons.

One of the aircraft involved in the 1966 Palomares B-52 crash came form here. Chuck Yeager served at this base. From May 1955 to July 1957 he commanded the F-86H Sabre-equipped 417th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (50th Fighter-Bomber Wing) at Hahn AB, Germany, and Toul-Rosieres Air Base, France; and from 1957 to 1960 the F-100D Super Sabre-equipped 1st Fighter Day Squadron (later, while still under Yeager's command, re-designated the 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron) at George Air Force Base, California, and Morón Air Base in Spain.

Zaragoza Air Base was one of 3 major USAF Cold War airbases in Spain, the others being Torrejón Air Base near Madrid and Morón Air Base near Seville.

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