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The device[]

Multi Rolle Radio (English: Multi Role Radio) was ordered by the Norwegian army in early 1993 and first put to operative use in mid-1995.

The radio is portibal a high speed frequency hopping modular radio set. It uses Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying and M-ary encoding. The radio is modular in nature and can be configured both as portable (PRC) and vehicle-mounted (VRC) uses. The VRC can be fitted with two receive/transmit modules in a single mounting, for use as a relay. The Multi Rolle Radio can also message relay digital messages, has cell area mobile capabilities and has Digital Tadkom access.

It can be used in an analogue FM mode, in which it becomes compatible with other similar military radios like AN/PRC-77 and similar civilian radios. It is related to and fully compatible with Norway's with the Lett Feltradio (Light multi role radio).

It was developed in Norway by Kongsberg Defence Communication, Thales Group Norway and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

It is powered by a rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium NiCd type battery and the weight is approximately 10 kg (approximately 20 kg).


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