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Worlds Top 5 Nuclear Power Comparison 2015.

Worlds Top 5 Nuclear Power Comparison 2015.

"Nukes" or nuclear weapons is the name given to all radiological, fusion and fission weapons. War with these weapons is called atomic war.

Technically speaking, atomic war would be any war in which nuclear weapons are used, ranging from a single, small weapon (like a 'bunker buster' or a 1kt Soviet 'suitcase bomb'), a few medium weapons like the 'city killer' ones dropped by the United States on Japan in World War II) or a ad-hock terrorist bomb right the way up to a full-blown assault between nuclear powers using ICBMS and bombs with multi-megaton yealding atomic arms (including striking those opponents without nukes with their nukes).



World War 3 Russia conducts surprise Large Scale Snap Nuclear Attack Drill (Oct 31, 2013)

World War 3: Russia conducts surprise Large Scale Snap Nuclear Attack Drill (Oct 31, 2013).


NUCLEAR-WAR---N-Korea-ARTILLERY-n-strategic-MISSILE-forces-on-ALERT-to-ATTACK-US-targets- WW3



Soviet Union destroys North America (Nuclear War) - clip from the 1977 film

Soviet Union destroys North America (Nuclear War) - clip from the 1977 film.


Atomic Alert A Real Attack

The propaganda film "Atomic Alert: A Real Attack".


Atomic Attack (1950)

Atomic Attack (1950).


Nuclear Attack Strike On The U.K. Scenario (Not For The Squeamish)-0

Nuclear Attack Strike On The U.K. Scenario (Not For The Squeamish).


Protect & Survive - 1970's UK Public infommercials On Nuclear War Preparation

Protect & Survive - 1970's UK Public infommercials On Nuclear War Preparation.


Nuke prank UK HD

Nuke prank UK HD by You Tube user The Volvic3 Project.


THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE U.S. Nuclear Retaliation Scenario (720p)

THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE: U.S. Nuclear Retaliation Scenario (720p).

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The mushroom cloud from Buster-Jangle Charlie, yield 14 kilotons (at 143 m • kt −1⁄3), during the initial phase of stem formation. The toroidal fireball is visible at the top, a condensation cloud is forming in the middle due to intense updrafts of moist air, and the forming partial stem can be seen below. The cloud exhibits the reddish-brown hue of nitrogen oxides.

  1. CND
  2. EMP
  5. DEFCON 1
  6. Bikini Atoll
  7. Kwajalein Atoll
  8. Volkel Air Base
  9. Titan II Missile
  10. 1963 Test Ban Treaty
  11. Atomic warfare information notes.
  12. Blue Fox nuclear weapon, later renamed Indigo Hammer.
  13. Mark 45 nuclear torpedo
  14. Cuban Missile Crisis
  15. Geiger-Muller counter
  16. Buster-Jangle Charlie
  17. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
  18. M65 Recoiless Nuclear Rifle
  19. B53 nuclear bomb
  20. Explosive blast\yield
  21. "Poland is 'toast'!"
  22. Mushroom cloud
  23. Atomic videos
  24. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
  25. Germany's Fulda Gap
  26. Mushroom cloud
  27. Greenham Air Base
  28. Johnston Atoll
  29. Operation Chrome Dome
  30. Operation Square Leg (1980) and Exercise Hard Rock (1982)
  31. RAF Upper Heyford
  32. Seven days to the River Rhine (1979)
  33. Soviet invasion of Denmark
  34. Soviet/NATO invasion of Finland
  35. Ivy Mike
  36. Tsar Bomba
  37. Enewetak Atoll
  38. Soviet Project K nuclear tests
  39. Operation Hardtack I high-altitude nuclear test
  40. Hardtack Teak high-altitude nuclear test
  41. Operation Fishbowl high-altitude nuclear test
  42. Operation Dominic high-altitude nuclear test
  43. Starfish Prime high-altitude nuclear test
  44. Nurrungar Test Area Woomera (NTAW)
  45. Operation Crossroads.
  46. Operation Castle
  47. Operation Ivy
  48. Operation Able
  49. Operation Redwing
  50. CIM-10 Bomarc missile
  51. Castle Romeo
  52. Castle Bravo test blast miscalculation
  53. Operation Wigwam
  54. Operation Teapot
  55. Baker Nuclear Test
  56. Atomic videos
  57. Atomic artillery peace ‘Atomic Annie’
  58. RSD-10 missile
  59. Pershing II missile
  60. SS-3 Shyster missile
  61. SS-20 missile
  62. Cruise ALCM
  63. Polaris missile
  64. Dong Feng 5 missile
  65. Blue Streak
  66. Haides missile
  67. Pluton missile
  68. Lance missile
  69. David Crockett (nuke)
  70. Treaties
  71. Atomic War
  72. Atomic warfare information notes.
  73. 1980 Titan II Missile Explosion
  74. 1960 Bomarc Missile accident
  75. A nuclear\atomic holocaust or nuclear apocalypse
  76. Nuclear fallout
  77. Atomic accidents and disasters
  78. Atomic\nuclear power stations
  79. Mushroom cloud
  80. Atomic arsenals
  81. Bomb blast effects
  82. Atomic\nuclear war
  83. Atomic accidents and disasters
  84. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)
  85. Atomic War
  86. Atomic warfare information notes.
  87. A nuclear\atomic holocaust or nuclear apocalypse
  88. Nukes
  89. Explosive blast\yield
  90. Atomic arsenals
  91. Bomb blast effects
  92. Atomic\nuclear war
  93. Atomic accidents and disasters
  94. Atomic\nuclear power stations
  95. Geiger-Muller counter
  96. "Poland is 'toast'!"
  97. Nuclear fallout
  98. Atomic videos