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Ordine Nuovo (A.K.A.- New Order).
Category. Statistic.
Operated in.  Italy.
Founder(s). Pino Rauti.
Founded in. March 1956.
Disbanded in. Inactive since 1975.
Political alignment. Far-right and anti-materialist.
Activity. Bombings like the Italicus Express bombing of 1974, massacres and helping  National Vanguard. The remaining die-hard elements of the group formed the Ordine Nero in 1974 and held out until 1978.
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They were the sworn enemies of Italian Red Brigades and the Italian Communist Party. Members and a leader of Movimento Politico Ordine Nuovo participated in several terrorist attacks. These include the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing, the 1970 Rome-Messina train attack, a grenade attack at a 1974 anti-fascist rally, and the 1974 Italicus Express bombing.

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