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Piper PA-18 Super Cub.
Category. Statistic.
First flight on. 1949.
Retired on. No, it is still in use.
Major contractor(s).  Piper Aircraft.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Fight ceiling . 19,000 ft (5,595 m).
Top speed. 113 knots (208 km/h, 130 mph) at sea level.
Range. 399 nmi (735 km, 460 mi).
Crew, including instructor(s). 1 or 1 pupil+ plus the instructor.
Nationality(s). American.
Class. Trailer tug\Light utility aircraft\bush-flight (with and without floats).
Rate of climb N\A.
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A PA-18 Super Cub 150 (G-HACK) at the Great Vintage Fly-In Weekend, Kemble, England, in May 2003.

A PA-18-150 "Super Cub" floatplane at Tinney Cove (Bathurst Inlet).

The Piper PA-18 Super Cub is a two-seat, single-engine monoplane. Introduced in 1949 by Piper Aircraft, it was developed from the Piper PA-11, and traces its lineage back through the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930s. In close to 40 years of production, over 9,000 were built. Super Cubs are commonly found in roles such as bush flying, banner and glider towing. In addition, the PA-18A (an agricultural version) was produced for applying either dry chemical or liquid spray. It is known for being both rugged and reliable.

The first Super Cubs were going to be offered with a unique four-wheel tandem main landing gear designed for landing and takeoff from rough terrain, but this was replaced with conventional landing gear. There is thus a sea plane variant to.

A total of 15,000 of all varieties combined were made to date (2016).

The Dätwyler 1038 MDC Trailer was a 1960s Swiss glider tug variant of the American Piper PA-18 Super Cub.