Currently all the games are on hold until further notice.

List of gamesEdit

  1. A meteoric world (map game)
  2. A war algo idea.
  3. A world of atomic ashes map game
  4. After the Cuba Crisis (Map game)
  5. Alternate 1978 map game 'list'
  6. Alternate History Wikias
  7. Alternate history wikis
  8. Axis vs Allies: Renovated (Map Game)
  9. Game-referees\mods
  10. General map game rules
  11. Global War (Map Game)
  12. How to make a good map
  13. How to make a good map!
  14. How to play a map game
  15. Lice? (MG)
  16. List of Current Games
  17. Map Game rules
  18. Map Game Wiki eras
  19. Map game world war 3
  20. Map Games
  21. Map Games & Map Games rules
  22. Map rules
  23. New World Order Game 'list'
  24. Nuclear war's ruins algo
  25. Nuclear Winter (Time line)
  26. Nuclear Winter: 1962 (Map Game)
  27. OTL Decolonisation notes
  28. OTL Natural disasters
  29. Race bays, with lady like penguins! (map game)
  30. Ravaged world- Hitler's hell (rehashed)
  31. Red Dawn map game
  32. Table of user restricted nations
  33. The 'renewed' GDR
  34. The 1930 Map Game
  35. The 1991-2001 Yugoslav civil war (map game)
  36. The Alternate 1950 map game
  37. The Alternate 1950 map game- algo
  38. The Alternate 1950 map game- algo results page
  39. The great eastern morass (MG)
  40. The table of war factors (After the Cuba Crisis Map game)
  41. War algorithm table
  42. Wars of the Pious (Map Game)
  43. World War II 2 (Map Game)
  44. WWZ
  45. Algorithm (Age of Imperialism Map Game)
  46. Nuclear war's ruins algo
  47. The Alternate 1950 map game- algo
  48. War Algorithm (The 1991-2001 Yugoslav civil war map game)

An unofficial incubatorEdit

It is also Admins' incubator for any off-topic (here) map game that will go to Map Game Wiki when perfected.

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