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The idea[]

The production of a cheep and efficient early era 3(?) transistor microchip for basic electrical functions.


The then standard silicon\germanium etching process.


N/A, but almost certenly a painted poxy/glass filled metal can with 3 metal legs for leads.


Plessey SL201 integrated circuit.
Category. Statistic.
Designed in. Early 1960s.
Made in. Early 1960s.
Transistors per chip. 3?.
Power supply. Low or battery power.
Still in use. Retired in the late 1970s.
Nationality. British.

It was meant to replace transistors like the American 2N34 PNP Germanium Alloy Junction Transistor, so the circuit would have 1, not 3 cans on it! It was one of UK's first moves in to the modern electrical business and it was seen as a national icon at the time.

Like all ICs, it is made to a JEDEC standard and ID numbering code after 1953. 

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