Political chart.svg

A chart which can determine the location of your political views.

The Political Spectrum is a table or graph which can show one's different political views, which can include many different ideologies and political parties. Many people use phrases such as "left-wing" or "right-wing" when referring to the orientation, for example, Communism is seen as a "far-left" ideology, whilst Fascism is seen as a "far-right" ideology. These phrases originated in the French parliament of 1814, when those parties on the right side from the president's point of view were conservative and wished to preserve the status quo while those on the left wanted social changes. People can be in between, as it is possible to be center and be slightly leaned to one side.

There are multiple websites that can "predict" your political views, such as The Political Compass. However, it is not accurate and what your political views are is based on your opinions. 

The main verities of political though and many parties ideological political orientation are:-

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