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Pori Airfield.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Finland.
Opened in. Early Cold War?.
Closed in. It became a join millitary\civil airport some time in the 1970s, and civil only by the end of the Cold War.
Operated by. Finnish Air force and then Finavia.
Owned by. Finnish MoD then Finnish transport ministry.
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Pori Airport's terminal building, July 2008. Author: Junafani.

Pori Airport (Finnish: Porin lentoasema) (IATA: POR, ICAO: EFPO) is an airport in Pori, Finland. The airport is located 1.4 nautical miles (2.6 km; 1.6 mi) south of the Pori town centre. It has two check-in desks, and a cafeteria service. During 2011 Pori Airport served 54,056 passengers, an increase of 25.2% from previous year. However, in 2014 it was down to 24 983.

The airport resides at an elevation of 13 metres (43 ft) above mean sea level. It has two asphalt paved runways: 12/30 measures 2,351 by 60 metres (7,713 ft × 197 ft) and 17/35 is 801 by 30 metres (2,628 ft × 98 ft). 

The Finnish Aviation Academy is a flight school based at Pori Airport. As is the Satakunta Parachute club "Satakunnan Laskuvarjourheilijat".

Pori Airport was long served by the national carrier Finnair and co-operated first by Finncomm Airlines and later by Flybe Nordic. However, these flights were ceased on April 9, 2012. Other companies also still have flights from it

It was a Finnish air force base in the 1960s and 1970s.

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