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Cape Verde Islands[]

The Republic of Cape Verde is a republic in the Atlantic Ocean. It is currently a reluctant protectorate of Portugal and Senegal, but prefer this to going it alone. The Cape Verde Islands was not nuked, but the Portugal was moderately conventionally bombed over Monte Real air base, Lajes Field or Lajes Air Base, U.S. Forces Azores Command HQ, Lajes field radio communication mast and Lisbon port facilities with by Soviet heavy bombers.


  1. Name - Cape Verde Islands.
  2. Language - Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole.
  3. Capital -Praia.
  4. Largest city-Praia.
  5. Population - 575,000 (750,000 if African and Portuguese refugees are included).
  6. Religion - Roman Catholic
  7. Ethnic groups- Mixed-race 80%, Black ~17% and White ~3%, along with a few Arabs and Spaniards.
  8. Regime-
  9. Leader-
  10. Deputy leader-