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From his Majesty the King Gorge VI

To India, South Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand

His majesty the King has become aware of certain issues with a number of Dominions which believe in the new climate of the world that they are not entirely understanding of their role in the reorganized British empire. So we propose to the nations:

  • That these nations become independent and free of British influence. Though while the monarchy of Britain will remain head of state they will have no executive, legislative or judicial say in matters.
  • They will in understanding of the large and long-standing British contribution to their economy and nation as a whole and aware that Britain would be at serve loss due to their independence that they all agree they are in debt to the nation of Britain and for a financial reimbursement of our investments to be decided upon on a case by case basis.
  • That we will all still aid each other in the event of a national emergency.

Mod: Just to let you know, South Africa was never a dominion and became a self governing state in 1931