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RAF Langbank Highway Strip (planned).
Category. Statistic.
Location. United Kingdom.
Opened in. First thought up in the mid 1960s and planned for the early 1970s.
Closed in. Plans were suspended in the early 1970s. Canceled in circa ~1975 due to surplus Scottish capacity.
Operated by. RAF.  
Owned by. MoD.  
Outside link. http://www.coldwarhistoryque.com./Highway_strip_scotland.


It would have had- 1930 m x 49 m Asphalt runway along with a small maintenance and a refueling depot. It would have joined the M8 and been accessible by both the M8 and the the Greenock Road.

Additional supplies would have been held at either:

  1. Paisley
  2. Erskine
  3. Greenock

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