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RAF Ta' Qali.
Category. Statistic.
Location. Malta.
Opened in. By the British leading up to World War 2 and heavily expanded by the British in 1941.
Closed in. Between the arrival of the Vulcan B.1 in 1960 and the removal of the runway tarmac in 1975.
Operated by. RAF (1941-60 to 75) and Maltese civil entities and the US embassy (1960 to 75-today).
Owned by. British MoD (1941-60 to 75) and Maltese civil authorities (1960 to 75-today).
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Sudika Ta' Qali National Park

View of Ta' Qali from Mdina.

RAF Ta Kali aerial photo 1941

RAF Ta Kali in 1941.

Gloster Meteor T.7 WA637 Q3-5 613 Sqn Takali 07.52 edited-2

RAF Gloster Meteor T.7 jet trainer at RAF Ta Qali in 1952. The nearby hill top town of Mtarfa is in the background.

The newly built U.S. Embassy stands across from the Ta'Qali National Park. In July, 2011 the embassy relocated to Ta'Qali from Floriana where it stood for nearly fifty years.

Ta' Qali still fulfils part of its former role as an airfield as 0f 2014,  but the only aircraft that take off from the greatly diminished landing strip are scale models, whose owners make part of a club located in Ta' Qali. Today, many of the military huts and buildings have been converted into workshops where Maltese craftsmen produce their handiwork, and the Ta' Qali Crafts Village has become an important tourist attraction. There is also the Malta Aviation Museum where one can find different types of aircraft related to Maltese aviation history. Before being converted to a recreational park the airstrip was used in the first car races ever held by the Maltese; nowadays the Sport Muturi has its off-road tracks where the annual motorsport championship is held.

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