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Ranger 8.
Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. Atlas-Agena Atlas LV-3 Agena-B,
Launch date. February 17, 1965, 17:05:00 UTC,
Launch site. Cape Canaveral LC-12,
Ceased operations. February 20, 1965, 09:57:36.756 UTC,
Owner(s). NASA,
Major contractor(s) , Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Is it still in orbit. No,
Launch mass, 367 kilograms (809 lb),
Nationality(s). American.
Satellite type. Lunar impactor,
Links, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranger_8,

A image of the moon taken by Ranger 8, showing the craters Ritter and Sabine.


Its 6 television vidicon cameras: two full-scan cameras, and four partial scan cameras helped document the Moon's surface and gave NASA much information as to whether a moon landing was possible. The impact crater of Ranger 8, approximately 13.5m wide, was later photographed by Lunar Orbiter 4. American scientists and officials saw its footage and crater as a vindication of earlier theories about the moon's surface.

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