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"Macron" may also refer to:[]


The macron is a diacritic mark.

  • Macron below, another diacritic mark
  • Overline, a typographical feature of a horizontal line
  • A macron (/ˈmækrɒn, ˈmeɪ-/) is a diacritical mark, a straight bar (¯) placed above a letter, usually a vowel.



  • Macron (sportswear), Italian sportswear manufacturer.
  • Macron Stadium (formerly Reebok Stadium) is the home stadium of English Championship club Bolton Wanderers, named after the sportswear firm.

Other uses[]

Makron may refer to:[]

See also: Macron

Micron can refer to:[]

  • Micron, a non-SI name for micrometre (μm)
  • Micron (wool), the measurement used to express the diameter of a wool fibre.
  • Breve, a diacritic used to indicate a short vowel
  • Micron or millitorr, a micrometre of mercury (μm Hg), a unit of pressure in vacuum engineering[1]
  • Micron Technology, a semiconductor manufacturer based in Boise, Idaho
  • Alesis Micron, an analog-modelling synthesizer made by Alesis Studio Electronics
  • Micron, a member of the future Justice League in the animated series Batman Beyond
  • Micron (skate company), an ice skate and roller skate manufacturer
  • Micron (journal), a scientific microscopy journal
  • Micron, an Italian science and technology magazine
  • Micron, a unit used to measure time or distance in Battlestar Galactica (1978 TV series)

Macon Township[]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Macon Township (disambiguation)Macon Township may refer to the following places in the United States

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Macon may refer to:[]

Places in Belgium:[]

Places in France:[]

Places in the United States of America:[]

See also: Macon County (disambiguation) and Macon Township (disambiguation)

U.S. Navy ships[]



  • Macon State College was a four-year state college unit of the University System of Georgia.
  • Randolph-Macon Academy (R-MA) is a coeducational college preparatory school for students in grades 6–12 and postgraduates in Front Royal, Virginia, US.



  • A symmetric type of oar used in the sport of rowing
  • Macon (food), a bacon substitute
  • Macon Library, a branch library in Brooklyn, New York

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Macon County (disambiguation)):Not to be confused with the county of Mâcon in medieval France.

Macon County is the name of six counties in the United States:

The micrometre and micrometer[]

The micrometre (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures; SI symbol: µm) or micrometer (American spelling), also commonly known as a micron, is an SI derived unit of length equaling 1×10-6 of a metre (SI standard prefix "micro-" = 10-6); that is, one millionth of a metre (or one thousandth of a millimetre, 0.001 mm, or about 0.000039 inch). The symbol µm is sometimes rendered as um if the symbol µ cannot be used, or if the writer is not aware of the distinction.

A micrometer (/maɪˈkrɒmᵻtər/ my-krom-ə-tər), sometimes known as a micrometer screw gauge, is a device incorporating a calibrated screw widely used for precise measurement of components in mechanical engineering and machining as well as most mechanical trades, along with other metrological instruments such as dial, vernier, and digital calipers. Micrometers are usually, but not always, in the form of calipers (opposing ends joined by a frame), which is why micrometer caliper is another common name. The spindle is a very accurately machined screw and the object to be measured is placed between the spindle and the anvil. The spindle is moved by turning the ratchet knob or thimble until the object to be measured is lightly touched by both the spindle and the anvil.

Micrometers are also used in telescopes or microscopes to measure the apparent diameter of celestial bodies or microscopic objects. The micrometer used with a telescope was invented about 1638 by William Gascoigne, an English astronomer.

Colloquially the word micrometer is often shortened to mike or mic (/ˈmaɪk/ myke).