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Name- Republic of North Epirus.
Time line: Those alternate Balkan states
OTL location: Former OTL Republic of North Epirus.
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Flag. CoA.
Capital Gjirokastër\Argyrokastro.
Largest City Gjirokastër\Argyrokastro.
Other major settlements Sarandë.
Languages South Albanian, Northern Greek, Montenegrin, Aromanian, Romani, Macedonian, Ashkali Romani and Balkan Egyptian Albania.
President .
Vice President .
Head of parliament .
Type of regime  Democratic semi-presidential republic.
Name of national legislature Sennet.
Area .
Population 356,754.
Number of international airports 0.
Number of major ports 0.
State de facto formed 1913.
De facto Independence date 1919.
Independence de jure reconised on 1922.
Currency Euro.
Religions Greek Orthodox and Sunni Islam.
Motto .
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym North Eperite
Anthem  -
Ethnic groups Albanians, Greeks, Montenegrins, Aromanians, Romani, Macedonians, Ashkali and Balkan Egyptians.
Internet TLD: -
Calling code: -
Number of military personnel: 1,250
% Literacy: 89%
Drives on the: Right.
National sport: Soccer.

Those alternate Balkan states TL locator map.


The Republic of Republic of North Epirus is a small nation sandwiched between Greece and Greater Albania. 


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