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Name-Republic of Tamrash.
Time line: Those alternate Balkan states
OTL location: OTL Republic of Tamrash and a few near by parts of Bulgaria and Greece.
120px 80px
Flag. CoA.
Capital Devin.
Largest City Devin.
Other major settlements Trigrad, Mugla, Beden, Mihalkovo, Skoblevo and Churukovo.
Languages Pomak dialect of Bulgarian, Standardised Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek.
President Zdravko Vasilev.
Vice President .-
Head of parliamentN/A
Type of regime  Democratic semi-presidential republic.
Name of national legislature Senate
Area .-
Population 52,545
Number of international airports 0
Number of major ports 0
State de facto formed 1878-1886.
De facto Independence date 1878/1913/1927.
Independence de jure reconised on 1944.
Currency 100 Pomak Stotinka= Pomak Lev (POL)
Religions Overwhemingly Sunni Islam with a few Orthado Christians.
Motto God is great!!
Imports: .
Exports: .
Demonym Tamrashie.
Anthem  N/A
Ethnic groups Pomaks, Bulgarian, Turks and a few Greeks.
Internet TLD: .-
Calling code: .-
Number of military personnel: 285.
% Literacy: 87%.
Drives on the:Right.
National sport:Soccer.
Those alternate Balkan states TL Balkans map

Those alternate Balkan states TL locator map.

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The Republic of Tamrash is a small, neutral, EU member nation located between Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.


The beginningsEdit

The first (and OTL) republic was formed between 1878-1886. When it declared independence on Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey in 1913, they agreed to it becoming a autonomous part of the Ottoman empire in 1914.

World War 1Edit

It was taken over by Bulgaria in 1915 and deputed with the Ottomans until 1918. It was then granted independence in all but name during 1927, but stayed under it's protection.

World War 2Edit

Bulgaria annexed it on 15 August 1940 after a day's fighting. Things were quiet for the next 3 years. It was liberated by Turkey, the USSR and Macedonian Partisans 6 September 1944.

Cold WarEdit

Turkish protection ended in 1947. Bulgaria tried to subvert Tamrash in 1955, but they failed and it declared it's neutrality. Tamrash also fell victim to a Greek brief-case bomb that wounded 6 in a Devin market.

Present dateEdit

The president condemmed the 9\11 attacks. It joined the EU in 2007.


250 self defense force, 25 Gendarmerie and 10 presidential guards.

Government and politicsEdit

It is a democratic and centrist republic.


Peasant crafts and subsistence agriculture. Minor specialist shoe exports started since the millennium and there only markets are Greece and Bulgaria. 

Tourisum to the Trigrad gorge, the Devil's Throat Cave and Yagodinska cave began in the early 1980s.


There are a few road vehicels and a local bus service.

Health careEdit

A few chemist's shops.


There is a national weekly newspaper. The region's TV, radio and internet are available in the nation, as are region's newspapers.


The nation has 2 minor soccer teams.


It has 3 kindergarten, 3 primary schools and 1 secondary school.

The artsEdit

Local folk arts.

The Death PenaltyEdit

It was scrapped when they entered the EU in 2007, but only 6 people were hung, the last being in 1975. 

Famoues peopleEdit

The Tamarash born Bulgarian theater and film actor, Nikola Todev BulgarianНикола Тодев [niˈkola ˈtodef born in 1928 and deceased in 1991. He was granted dual citizanship in 1972. He is still best known for performances of charitaristic types most and his portrayal of notably the village mayor in The Hare Census (1973), Kara Kolyo in Manly Times (1977) and the uncle in Ladies Choice (1980).

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