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The Rosemarkie transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility, situated close to the town of Rosemarkie, Scotland, in Highland Region (grid reference NH762623). It consists of a 110 metres (361 ft) high guyed steel lattice mast erected on land that is itself about 210 m above sea level only a few hundred metres from the coast of the Moray Firth. It is owned and operated by the firm Arqiva.


  1. Location- Rosemarkie, Highland Region.
  2. Mast height- 110 metres (361 ft).
  3. Coordinates- 57.634048°N 4.074274°W Coordinates: 57.634048°N 4.074274°W.
  4. Grid reference- NH762623.
  5. Built- 1957.
  6. BBC region- BBC Scotland.
  7. ITV region- STV North.
  8. In service- Yes.


The station was built in 1957 by the BBC to bring BBC Television to North East Scotland for the first time. The 405-line monochrome transmissions were on channel 2, Band I VHF.

When colour UHF television began in 1970, the site was chosen over the nearby IBA owned station at Mounteagle transmitting station to carry these broadcasts. Both the UHF and VHF services continued in tandem until 1985, when VHF television was discontinued in the UK.

It was rumored since the late 1970s until the early 1990s that it was somehow connected to either the Wartime Broadcasting Service and\or the HANDEL National Attack Warning System. The prior was possible, but the latter was not, as far as anyone can ascertain.

Some locals thought it was ugly when it was first build.

Current transmission services[]

The digital switchover was completed at Rosemarkie in 2010. All analogue television was switched off and the new post-DSO multiplexes took over the analogue frequencies plus a few new ones.

Current transmission services.
UHF TV\FM radio frequency. Frequency blok. Kilowatts. Operator.
642.000 MHz 42 20 BBC B
650.000 MHz 43 10 SDN
666.000 MHz 45 20 BBC A
74.000 MHz 46 10 Arqiva A
698.000 MHz 49 20 Digital 3&4
706.000 MHz 50 10 Arqiva B
89.6 MHz . 10 BBC Radio 2
91.8 MHz . 10 BBC Radio 3
94.0 MHz . 10 BBC Radio Scotland
99.2 MHz . 10 BBC Radio 1
100.5 MHz? . 10? Rumored in the 1990s to be reserved for emergency use and may still be, if it ever was.
103.6 MHz . 10 BBC Radio 4
104.9 MHz . 10 BBC Radio nan Gaidheal


Coverage includes the areas around the Moray Firth, in the Highland region of Scotland, including up to Helmsdale in the north, Elgin to the east, Dingwall to the west and the northern shores of Loch Ness to the south. This also includes the city of Inverness.


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