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Russia is a major nation in northern Eurasia and was once a member of the USSR.

  1. Early east Slavic tribes\Rus' people = pre-9th century (tribal states).
  2. Volga Bulgaria= 7th–13th century (Tribal Monarchy).
  3. Khazar Khaganate= 7th–10th century (Tribal Khanate).
  4. Rus' Khaganate= 8th–9th century (Tribal monarchy).
  5. Kievan Rus'= 9th -12th century (Tribal monarchy).
  6. Vladimir-Suzdal= 12th–14th century (Absolute monarchy).
  7. Novgorod Republic= 12th–15th century (Absolute monarchy).
  8. Mongol invasion= 13th century (Several Mongol colonies).
  9. The "Tatar Yoke" occupation= 14th–15th century (dukedom).
  10. Grand Duchy of Moscow\Moscavoy= 1283–1547 (Absolute monarchy).
  11. Tsardom of Russia= 1547–1721 (Absolute monarchy).
  12. Russian Empire= 1721–1917 (Dictatorial absolute monarchy).
    1. Russian Empire (Peater the Great to T'sar Nicolas I)= 1721–1896 (Dictatorial absolute monarchy).
    2. Russian Empire (T'sar Nicolas II era)= 1896–1917 (Absolute monarchy).
  13. Russian Republic\Russian Federal Republic= 1917 (Partial-democracy).
  14. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic\'Red' Russia\Bolshavik Russia\Russian SFSR= 1917-1922 (Communist dictatorship).
  15. Soviet Union\USSR= 1922–1991 (Communist 1 party state).
  16. Russian Federation\Federal Russia =1992–1999 (Semi-dictatorship/partial-democracy).
    1. Russian Federation (Yeltsin era)\Russia\Federal Russia =1992–1999 (Kleptomaniac partial-democracy).
    2. Russian Federation (Putin era)\Russia= 1999-present (Fascist semi-dictatorship). Russia liberated the Cirmea and then invaded the Ukraine during the February of 2014.
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