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Sándor Rácz (17 March 1933 – 30 April 2013) was a Hungarian politician.

Rácz was born in Hódmezővásárhely, and represented the FKGP. He was a veteran of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He died, aged 80, in Budapest.

Translation of the Hungarian Wikipedia section on the events of 1956:

On 29 October 1956 he was elected to the Workers' Council of the Beloiannis factory and then on November 16, he was elected President of the Central Workers' Council of the Great Budapest. The council announced a 48-hour strike against Janos Kádár, demanding the release of Imre Nagy. In November and December he discussed various issues with the government (Rácz said that Antal Piccó recommended three ministry ministers to the NBKMT leaders who had been rejected) and Soviet military leaders (for example, Soviet military commander General Grebenyik and Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov) effectively, or unsuccessfully. On December 11-12, during the second 48-hour strike, the NBKMT demanded the release of the arrested workers' councilors and protested against the assassination of Salgótarján for 131 deaths. On December 11, Kádár called for talks with Parliament, where he was arrested.