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Ther party was created on June 3, 1988 and was led by the nationalist polatician Vytautas Landsbergis. the party polacys were-

  1. The return of independent status for Lithuania.
  2. The restoration of the Lithuanian language as the official language.
  3. The revelation of truth about the Soviet occupation during the Stalinist era.
  4. Calling the end to the construction on a third nuclear reactor at the Ignalina nuclear power plant.
  5. Better protection of the environment.
  6. The disclosure of the secret protocols of the Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact

The movement largly supported Gorbachev's policies, but at the same time promoted Lithuanian national issues such as restoration of the Lithuanian language as the official language. Support for Sąjūdis lessened as the need for a common fron against Russia Lessened and was was found to be politicaly ineffective coping with the then economic crisis. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP; the former Communist Party of Lithuania) was victorious in the Seimas elections of November 1992.

Today, Sąjūdis is still active in Lithuania, but it has lost almost all its influence and is only a minor political party.

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