Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. Ariane 1 rocket.
Launch date. February 22nd, 1986.
Launch site. N/A.
Ceased operations. December 31st, 1990.
Owner(s). Spot Image, but with initiatal help by the Centre national d'études spatiales – the French space agency (CNES) on Spot 1.
Major contractor(s)  N/A.
Is it still in orbit. Set in to a terminal level orbit in 2003 and may have already burnt up.
Launch mass. N/A.
Nationality(s). France.
Satellite type. Earth observation/photo imaging.
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There are now 7 Spot satellites, but only numbers 4 to 7 are in use. 2 and 1 became obsolete and have probably already burnt up. 3 is obsolete and abandoned.

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