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Schmidt Island (Russian: Остров Шмидта) is in the northern part of the Severnaya Zemlya group in the Russian Arctic.


Assumidly it was discovered by Boris Vilkitsky in 1913, but its insularity and thus island status, wasn’t proven until 1931, when Georgy Ushakov and Nikolay Urvantsev charted the archipelago during their 1930–32 expedition to near by Komsomolets Island in Siberia, Russia.

Name sake[]

Schmidt Island was named after Soviet scientist and first head of the Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, Otto Schmidt.

The island it's self[]

  1. It measures 467 km2 (180 sq mi)
  2. It is almost entirely covered by the Schmidt Ice Cap.
  3. Owing to its exposed position, the climate in the Schmidt Island's area is much colder than in the rest of the archipelago.
  4. It is the northernmost island and is fully in the region of permanent sea ice. It is rarely free perminant sea ice and when it is there is losts of pack ice.
  5. It is significantly detached from the rest of Severnaya Zemlya relative to the proximity of the other main islands to each other.
  6. It has the 24 continuous hour winter dark/summer sun phenomena, like all of Russia's Arctic Islands.


Much of of the island is covered with glaciers that reach down into the sea. In the sections free from ice, the vegetation is that of a cold desert or tundra climate, with ashumidly patches of moss and lichen on and around less exposed rocks and stones.


Only a few scientists, military personnel and explorers.

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