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Serbia, was briefly enslaved as part of Hungary during the 1990s, but is now independent and allied to both Monte Negro and Macedonia. Serbia is federated with Serpska. It is a state in Eastern Europe. British bombers nuked Belgrade badly when they destroyed both the airbase and army base with small tactical atomic. Novi Said was heavily conventionally bombed by the Italians and British.


  1. Capital- Niš.
  2. Language- Serbian, Kosovo Albanian and Hungarian.
  3. Population- 5,475 000, mostly Serb with some Hungarians, Croats and Kosovars. (175,000 ex-Yugoslav refugees, mostly ethnic Serbs and 10,000 Hungarian refugees).
  4. Religion- Agnostic, Athist, Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox.
  5. Other cities- Nisk, Kragujevac, Leskovac, Raška, Banja Luka, Novi Said (rebuilt in the 1990s by the Hungarans), Novi Pazar, Belgrade (still mostly in ruins) Kragujevac and Mitrovicë
  6. The other allied states- Monte Negro and Macedonia.
  7. Currency- Serbian Krone.

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