Skynet IV\Skynet 4 (AKA: "NATO-4"\"NATO IV").
Category. Statistic.
Launch vehicle. N\A.
Launch date. 1990.
Launch site. N\A.
Ceased operations. No.
Owner(s). Originally owned by the UK MoD, but now Paradigm Secure Communications, a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space.
Major contractor(s) . British Aerospace Dynamics (BAe Dynamics), but bought by Airbus Group SE
Is it still in orbit. Yes.
Launch mass. 800 kg.
Nationality(s). UK, but later EU/NATO.
Satellite type. Military communications satellites.


Skynet 4 satellites have few similarities to the earlier generations. The cylindrical body of Skynet 1 and 2 was replaced by a large square body housing antennas with deployable solar-cell arrays. This marks the technological improvement from spin-stabilisation, used in earlier cylindrical satellites, to three-axis stabilisation using momentum wheels and reaction wheels controlling the satellite gyroscopically.

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