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Slovakia is one of 5 regions of the former Czechoslovakian Republic, They are Bohemia, Dolní Dvořiště, Czech Prague, Moravia and Slovakia.

The Czechoslovakian Republic (Attempted nuclear war simulation) was devastated in the war as the NATO forces destroyed many military bases with both conventional and mostly over the border use of tactical atomic arms. The Topoľčany base was hit by a 10kt nuke, was hit by a 10kt nuke the Bělá pod Bezdězem nuclear missile silos was hit by 2 50kt devices, the Kuřívody Soviet nuclear missile silos was hit by 2 50kt devices and Prague was hit by a 10kt nuke.

Slovakia was mostly ruined when Bratislava hit by American bombers and several bases were hit by both American atomic bombers and a few nuclear missiles. The Slovak army base of Topoľčany was rebuilt (in 1982).

  1. Capital-Trebišov, rebuilt (in 1967).
  2. Language-Slovakian, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian and Moravian dialect Czech.
  3. Population- 1,250,000 of which 1,025,000 are Slovaks and Carpathian Ukrainians, with the Ukrainians having slightly less in numbers. (75,000 Czechs, 125,000 non-Carpathian Ukrainians, 2,500 Russian refugees, 10,000 Hungarian refugees and 25,000 Polish refugees).
  4. Religion- Atheist, agnostic, Ukrainian Orthodox and Roman Catholic.
  5. Other cities- Kust, Kosice, Uzhhorod, Topoľčany (partly rebuilt in 1972); and Palanok (rebuilt in 1988).
  6. The other allied states- Former Czechoslovakian Republic.