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A Serbian Air Force J-22 Orao of the 241st Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron.


Soko J-22 Orao.
Category. Statistic.
First flight on. 1974.
Retired on. Still in use.
Major contractor(s). Soko and Avioane Craviola.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Fight ceiling. 15,000 m (49,210 ft).
Top speed. Maximum speed: 1,130 km/h (610 knots, 702 mph) at sea level.
Range. Ferry range: 1,320 km, 820 mi, 713 nmi.
Crew. 1 or 2.
Nationality(s). Jointly Yugoslav\Romanian.
Class. Attack aircraft and reconnaissance aircraft.
Rate of climb. 89 m/s (17,520 ft/min).
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The Soko J-22 Orao is a twin-engined combat jet aircraft for close air support, ground attack and tactical reconnaissance warplane with limited air-defense capability.

Standard communication and navigation equipment, plus (fire control and weapons management) Thompson-CSF VE-120T HUD replacing the original Ferranti ISIS D-282 gyro sight (defensive sensors and systems) Iskra SO-1 RWR and provision for up to three chaff/flare dispensers and P10-65-13 passive jammer pod, and (navigation) Honeywell SGP500 twin-gyro platform; there is also provision for an optical/IR reconnaissance pod or an optical reconnaissance/jammer pod.


On 22 November 1984, Orao 25101 piloted by test pilot Marjan Jelen broke the sound barrier in a shallow dive over Batajnica Air Base, becoming the first Yugoslav-designed aircraft to exceed Mach 1. The aircraft is incapable of breaking the sound barrier in level flight, so it is classified as subsonic.

Aircraft ownership in the breakup of Yugoslavia[]

  1. Republika Srpska- 8, but 1 was destroyed in combat.
  2. Montenegro- 17 by the end of the war.
  3. Serbia- At least the current 42, plus one that crashed in 2010 and 6 who were sold to Myanmar s after the war.
  4. Slovinia- Vague wartime claimes of 1 to 3 by the UK media.




Soko J-22 Orao (Eagle)

Video directed by Joca & Rica, edited by odzadze. starring: colonel Miodrag Ristic & J-22 Orao (Eagle) artist / song: Quasi-Aquatic (Tranceangel Remix).