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Brezhnev's Kremlin - Secrets of the Cold War (SECRETS OF WAR MILITARY HISTORY DOCUMENTARY)

Brezhnev's Kremlin - Secrets of the Cold War (SECRETS OF WAR MILITARY HISTORY DOCUMENTARY).

The organisation[]

The "Nomenklatura" (Russian: номенклату́ра, Russian pronunciation: [nəmʲɪnklɐˈturə], Latin: Nomenclatura) were a social category of politcaly reliable people from within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, military, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region.

It was a self-appointed group, first conceved of by Lennin in the 1920s, but made a fact by Stalin during WW2; for the running the administration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). It exsisted during the era when the Communist Party of the Soviet Union had a political monopoly and outlawed opposition. At the time of the Soviet Union's demise along with the nomenklatura in 1992.

Virtually all were members of the Communist Party and those who were not had to show unswerving loyalty to the system.

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