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The State of Kibworth, Fleckney and Foxton is a psudo-democratic UK survivor nation based in rural south Leicestershire.



The towns of Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt, Fleckney and Foxton in Leicestershire came together in the wake of the war.

None of the villages were nuked, but there would be a initial problem with the radioactive fall-out and public panic in 1963. A heavy E-coli and bovine TB outbreak struck in 1966.

Food was rationed in the 1960s nd 1970s.

The villages are later protected by a deep trench cut round each of them in the early 1970s.

Foxton canal lock was repaired with help from the  other near by states and in 1975.

The state is still medieval in technology and society, as are it's nighbours.

First contact[]

An uneasy first contact was made with scouts from the Rutland, Corby, Ketering and Melton Mowbrey in 1974 and they reluctantly agreed to join forces with the Rutland in 1985 after being threatned by Corby. An uneasy relationship also occurred with scouts from and Lincolnshire in 2012, after Corby's forces left the area due to more pressing issues elsewhere in their ad-hock nation, such as the ongowin territoial despute with Loughbough.


Horses, carts and 2 horse drawn canal barges.


Posters are nailed up as and when necessary by the local authorities.


Rural and agrarian barter economics. Medieval technology is used.


  • Capital: Kibworth Beauchamp
  • Largest city: Kibworth Beauchamp
  • Other cities: Kibworth Harcourt, Fleckney and Foxton
  • Language:English
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Ethnic groups: English
  • Type of government: Presidential republic
  • Name of government: Parish Council
  • President Mayor: - N\A
  • Deputy President Mayor: - N\A
  • Chairman of the Parish Council- N\A
  • Population: 1,645 (2010) est., 1,650 (2015) est.
  • Independence: 1963
  • Currency: Barter