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Ballistic Missile Submarine

A Ballistic Missile Submarine. The modern nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine is one of the most complex, and without doubt the single most destructive machine man has ever created. Music: Massive Attack - "Angel".


K-19 Accident

The Soviet's K-19 accident.

An aerial starboard bow view of a Russian Navy Northern Fleet DELTA IV class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine underway on the surface, supposedly this is K-18 "Karelia" on 1 Jan 1994.

A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater. It differs from a submersible, which has more limited underwater capability. The term most commonly refers to a large, hollow, crewed and autonomous vessel.

  1. The NATO radio station at Anthorn in Cumbria
  2. The tracking tower on Mullach Sgar, St. Kilda
  3. Warsaw Radio Mast
  4. Anthorn Radio Station
  5. Rugby Radio Station
  6. Criggion Radio Station
  7. Lualualei VLF transmitter
  8. Kilo-class submarine
  9. November-class submarine
  10. Delta-class submarine
  11. Ballistic missile submarines
  12. Estonia did have a submarine in 1937!
  13. SOSUS sonar buoy line
  14. Hotel-class submarine
  15. USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
  16. USS Thresher (SSN-593)
  17. Soviet submarine U 137
  18. Whiskey-class submarine
  19. Type 209 submarine (FRG)
  20. USS Cobbler (SS-344)
  21. USS Hawkbill (SS-366)
  22. USS Tiru (SS-416)
  23. USS Ronquil (SS-396)
  24. USS Chivo (SS-341)
  25. USS Atule (SS-403)
  26. USS Remora
  27. PNS Ghazi
  28. INS Kursura (S20)
  29. ARA San Luis (S-32)
  30. USS Greenfish (SS-351)
  31. USS Pickerel (SS-524)
  32. USS Cobbler (SS-344)
  33. Tang-class submarine
  34. Whiskey class submarine
  35. Daphné-class submarine
  36. Oberon-class submarine
  37. Han class nuclear submarine
  38. Type XXI submarine (Elektroboote)
  39. British Porpoise-class submarine
  40. Foxtrot-class submarine
  41. Periscope
  42. Submarine snorkel
  43. Harpoon (missile)
  44. Mark 45 torpedo (nuke)
  45. Delta IV Class submarine
  46. Radar
  47. Sonar
  48. Radome
  49. Torpedoes
  50. Operation Behemoth
  51. Mark 45 nuclear torpedo
  52. Passive Underwater Fire Control Feasibility System (PUFFS)
  53. Greater Underwater Propulsion Power Program (GUPPY)
  54. The sinking of Soviet submarine K-27
  55. The reactor explosion on-board Soviet submarine K-431
  56. The Soviet Submarine K-19 accident
  57. Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine